Our Operations and Maintenance (O&M) group, understands renewable energy facilities represent a substantial investment – often in the hundreds of millions of rupees. We are the industry leader in O&M services of Wind farm & solar park with Transmission line & Substation earning the respect and confidence of our partners and delivering the best possible service and results. JAAC Services offers a full range of services for all phases of wind energy operations, management, routine and emergency maintenance.

As one of the largest provider of third party O&M in West and Central India, our O&M team services over 600+ wind turbines, 100+ KM transmission line and Substation with different types of equipment, which generate over 1015 MW of electricity.

Our full range of services begins prior to commissioning and goes through decommissioning. We provide scheduled and unscheduled maintenance options such as balance-of-plant management, remote monitoring, and OEM oversight.

With experienced on-site team of over 325+ full-time wind technicians, Engineers, supervisors, managers, and support staff.

Our maintenance plans incorporate team recommendations and include both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance options. Our team has extensive experience with nearly every variety of wind turbines and provides the highest quality maintenance services and safety standards performed by trained JAAC Services employees.


With experienced on-site personnel consisting of over 325+ full-time technicians Engineers, supervisors, managers, and support staff, JAAC  Services is fully equipped to perform all required services for your renewable energy project. We ensure installation conforms to owner’s direction, Team’s instruction, equipment requirements, and industry best practices to optimize project availability.

JAAC Services offers customizable and flexible service plans that adapt to fit a wide spectrum of customer needs. You can trust that our team will support your turbine as if it were our own, bringing a sense of ownership and pride.

We Develop systems of preventative maintenance / Breakdown encompassing inspections, plant check-ups and incident analysis, and can arrange for corrective maintenance to be performed on site. Spare parts and tool inventories are optimized to coincide with customer. We work closely with our customers to keep maintenance costs as low as possible.

Monitoring of windfarm

JAAC Services provides critical 24/7/365 remote monitoring by providing experienced and trained team to understand the tripping and breakdowns which ultimately helps increasing equipment availability, reducing downtime and its associated operational and maintenance costs further helps customers in increasing PLF.

We understand the need for flexible solutions. From our Standard Services or Advanced Services offerings, we have a breadth of experience that guarantees we create the optimized solution for your assets’ needs. That’s why our team works towards development of customized and comprehensive service solutions:

Standard Services

  • 24/7/365 remote monitoring
  • Fault notification & remote resets
  • Technician/EMS dispatch notification
  • Curtailment Management

Advanced Services

  • Performance Monitoring with Generation, PLF, IGA, EGA etc.…
  • SCADA Support
  • Balance of Plant


Maintenance and service is necessary to keep the WTGs and WTG equipment in good working order.  This includes initial troubleshooting, unscheduled lubrication, consumables/wear parts and minor repairs to all WTG components, including general housekeeping and cleaning of the WTGs and equipment:

  • Local resets, inspections, emergency and non-scheduled events.
  • Resets not resulting from an Operating Force Majeure Event.
  • Troubleshooting and recommend corrective action.
  • Inspection, maintenance and services summary reports for each WTG on an agreed to periodic basis.
  • Replacement of spare parts other than Major Component Repair and BOP.
  • Review possible ways to drive down inspection, maintenance and services costs.
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