The HY Series of tension pumps are our latest design for the tensioning market. This pump was designed with maintenance technicians in mind.

With a smaller footprint, HY Series tension pumps are nearly 30 pounds lighter than most tension pumps on the market today. These pumps have some of our most advanced features such as a digital remote and an automatic pressure function. The screen on the remote gives the operator a readout of the pumps pressure to allow them some flexibility. The automatic feature maintains operating pressure within 30 bar of the target pressure, without having to press a button.

HY series Features

Voltage 115v / 230v
Data Recording YES
Internal Safety Value YES
Gauge 0-10 k PSI (+/-1% Accuracy)
Reservoir Capacity 1.35 gals. / 5.1 l
Manifold 4 Ports
Stages 3
Max Flow Rate 620 cu. in./min. (10 l/min.)
Weight 57 lbs. / 25.8 kg
Amperage 17 AMP(115V) / 9 AMP (230V)
Oil Cooler Yes
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