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The world’s most advanced hydraulic power pack, the Vector Pump stands alone as the fastest fully automatic Hydraulic Power System thanks to its 3-stage high-speed flow motor. Gauge-free operation allows the operator to simply select the HYTORC tool they are using and the desired torque on the remote. As the first pump to offer LCD pendant control and automated regulation, HYTORC Vector pumps are fully upgradeable and more intuitive than ever. Push the button and let the pump to do all the work.

HY-115 / JETPRO 9.3

HYTORC standard electric power packs. Reliable, efficient and economical, the HY-115 will outperform any standard pump on the market. The Hydraulic Power System operates at a very quiet ~80 dB. All pumps come equipped with an Oil Cooler, making overheating a thing of the past. Simple controls make for short set-up times and the upgradeable semi-automatic feature allows the operator to experience faster and easier tightening.

Standard Pumps


The JetPro 18.3 SA is our high-performing pump, designed to work efficiently with our largest hydraulic systems. Its 3-stage motor provides 30% more oil flow without increased operating temperature through the use of an innovative built-in oil cooling system. A compact design with a two-gallon reservoir alleviates weight restrictions and offers the operator efficient mobility.


The HY-TWIN AIR hydraulic pump gives the operator the power they need to utilize 10,000 ft. lb. fitted with a five-gallon reservoir this pump will have enough oil to power up to four large tools at once. Don’t worry about portability because our HY-Twin pumps come with wheel casters that ensure you can roll this pump from application to application giving you the mobility you’ve come to expect when using HYTORC Hydraulic Power Systems.


This high-powered, twin-motor, 3-stage pump provides twice the speed and oil flow of any other available system. Ideal for large hydraulic or multi-tool systems, the HY-Twin 230 delivers high power for large torque wrenches (10,000 ft.-lbs. and up) without compromising speed. The five-gallon reservoir provides enough oil to power up to four large tools at once, and the built-in casters allow for increased mobility.

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